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Tips For Wearing 3D Mink Lashes

Beautiful eyelashes can make your eyes look more attractive. But some girls’ eyelashes look thin and tiny, this makes them very troubled. There are many ways to solve this problem. Wearing mink lashes is a very effective method. After wearing false eyelashes, your eyes will be more sexy and charming and it works much better than mascara and eyelash curlers.

Now the most common types of eyelashes are silk lashes, mink lashes and synthetic lashes. Although eyelashes are relatively expensive, but it is the most popular false lashes. Because mink eyelashes have the most natural and comfortable and other advantages. Usually it can be used repeatedly 25-40 times, if you pay attention to the following tips. You can wear them longer and more safely.

top quality mink lashse supplier
top quality mink lashse supplier

Trimming the mink lashes

When you’re ready to wear new false eyelashes, the first thing you have to do is to trim eyelashes. Because each person’s eyes are different in length. So in the process of producing real mink eyelashes, we will make it a little longer. Compare your eyelashes with false eyelashes and trim the excess. If you don’t do this, you will feel very uncomfortable during the wearing process. The same, it is easy to fall off.

real 3d mink lashes
real 3d mink lashes

Lashes glue is very important

Fixing mink eyelashes requires lashes glue. Although the mink eyelashes are made of mink hair and they physically fix its curvature and shape. But usually the glue contains some chemical components. So the lashes glue is very important for you. If you choose a bad quality glue, your eyes may be allergic. Your eyelids will be red, swollen, itchy and so on. This is really terrible! Also, the poor glue also often causes the false lashes to fall off easily. But sometimes the false lashes tend to fall off not because the glue is not good, but because your false lashes band are too hard.

25mm 3d mink eyelashes
18mm 3d mink lashes

Take care of your mink lashes

When you pick up and take off your false lashes, don’t pull too hard. Because the lashes band is usually slender in order to be comfortable to wear. If you are going to sleep, don’t forget to take it off, avoid pressing the eyelashes while sleeping. After take mink lashes off, clean the glue on the mink lashes, wash them with water, dry them and put them in the eyelash box. Also wash and clean your own eyes in time.

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Steps Of Wearing 3D Mink Strip Lashes

Makeup is very important for girls, false eyelashes as an important makeup tool. It can make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. 3D mink lashes is a hot-selling styles in false eyelashes, attracting a large number of pretty girls. But there are many steps and considerations for using false eyelashes. Please let me introduce the steps wearing 3d mink strip lashes to you.

high quality 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes
top quality 3d mink strip lashes
mink strip lashes vendor

How to wear 3d mink strip lashes

  • Trim: When you get false eyelashes, sometimes the length of false eyelashes may not fit your eyes. In general, false eyelashes will be longer. So the first thing you should do is trim your false eyelashes. You can use scissors to trim the ends of the eyelashes. Make the length of the false eyelashes perfect for your own eyelashes.
  • Glue: When using glue, you have two options. Apply the glue evenly on both ends of the false eyelashes or use a brush place dots of glue along your own natural lash-line.
  • Tweezers: Pick the lashes up with the tweezwrs and brint is as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries. This will allow your fingers to leave and the eyelashes will not fall off.
  • Brush: After you put on the false eyelashes, you should also use a eyelashes brush to comb the false eyelashes and your natural eyelashes. This will make it look more natural and tidy.
  • Mascara: You can apply a proper amount of mascara on your eyelashes. It can make the false lashes look more natural, fix the curvature of the false lashes. But don’t use too much, if so, false eyelashes tend to agglomerate when time is long.
popular styles 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink strip lashes
3d mink strip eyelashes with custom packaging
top quality mink eyelashes

There are also many precautions when taking off 3d mink strip lashes. Because the glue is used, so please use makeup remover to make sure the glue is removed clearly. When the 3d mink strip eyelashes are dry, it is best to save them in a eyelashes box. For better preservation and convenience for next time use.

This article mainly introduces the steps of wearing false eyelashes. If you follow the correct way and steps to use 3d mink shrip lashes. You can get a better look and effect. But don’t worry, after you wear the lashes a few times, you will master these skills.

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Why 3D Mink Eyelashes Are The Most Popular Eyelashes?

Now more and more girls choose to wear false eyelashes. Because wearing eyelashes can make their eyes look more attractive, can also make their faces look more beautiful. Girls who like to wear false eyelashes know, there are many different materials for false eyelashes. 3d mink eyelashes, false mink eyelashes, silk mink eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes and so on. But the most popular one is the 3d mink lashes.

What are the 3D mink eyelashes?

Just as its name implies, the material of the mink eyelashes are mink fur. 3d mink lashes have many advantages. First, it is very light. So it can be worn for a long time without discomfort to your eyes. Usually, manufacture will choose the most glossy and vital hair to make eyelashes. Although the factory produces a lot of 3d mink lashes every year, but sometimes there will still be a shortage of supply.

wholesale 3d mink eyelashes
high quality mink eyelashes

What kind of eyelashes are mainstream

Girls who love beauty like fashion and trendy products. 3d mink lashes meet these requirements very well. There are many styles of 3d mink lashes and each styles have its own characteristics. At the same time, suppliers often launch new products to meet fashion needs. 3d mink lashes have a unique curl that makes people look more beautiful and attractive when worn.

mink lashes vendor

The advantages of 3d mink eyelashes

Because the mink fur are more glossy and soft, so the 3d mink lashes look usually more natural than other eyelashes. Wearing 3d mink lashes can make your face look more beautiful and elegant. Because there are many styles and different lengths, can be used with different eye shape. So it’s very natural for everyone to wear it.

In all kinds of eyelashes, 3d mink lashes are the most comfortable to wear. Because it is very light and soft, so you can wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. Because mink fur are natural materials and it does not contain any chemical components in the production process. So it won’t irritate your skin during use, and it won’t make you allergic. You can use them safely.

In all respects, 3d mink lashes have their advantages. For a long term, 3d mink lashes are the best-selling and popular style. When you are buying false eyelashes, 3d mink eyelashes are your best choice

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What should you pay attention to when you wholesale eyelashes?

In today’s society, makeup is becoming more and more important for girls. Because there’s no girl who doesn’t love beauty. Make up can make a girl look more exquisite and charming. So many girls will spend a lot of time making up every day. Eye makeup is also part of makeup. For many girls who like makeup, false eyelashes are no stranger. False eyelashes can make your eyes look beautiful and attractive. After you use false eyelashes, you will look more spiritual, your eyelashes will look longer. Now, false eyelashes are very popular, more and more girls use false eyelashes. Today, let us talk about how to wholesale eyelashes and what should you pay attention to.

wholesale mink lashes
wholesale mink lashes

What kind of lashes can I choose when wholesale eyelashes?

False eyelashes can make our eyes look more beautiful and make the eyelashes look thicker and slender. Now, more and more people buy false eyelashes. So more and more people choose to do eyelash business. When you wholesale eyelashes, the first thing you should pay attention to is the material of the eyelashes.

False eyelashes come in many materials. Synthetic lashes are relatively cheap and low cost, can be used multiple times. But at the same time, synthetic lashes are harder and look less natural. Synthetic lashes can affect your own lashes. If you are more concerned about the health of your own eyelashes, it is not recommended to order these eyelashes. Silk lashes are better than synthetic lashes and look more natural. Silk eyelashes are very light and suitable for people to use. But its price is more expensive. Mink lashes are the hottest false eyelashes now. It is closest to real hair, very soft and natural. The effect is very good after wearing mink lashes. So even though its cost is very high, it is still the most popular style.

wholesale real mink lashes
wholesale 100% mink lashes

Tips for wholesale eyelashes.

Relative to regular purchase, the advantage of wholesale eyelashes is that you can make more profit. Because when you wholesale eyelashes , you can get not only lower eyelashes prices, but also get a more cost-effective shipping fee.

wholesale top quality eyelashes
wholesale top quality eyelashes

When you wholesale eyelashes, the first you should pay attention to are the price and quality. Different price have different quality. Usually, expensive eyelashes have a better quality. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, mink eyelashes are more expensive than silk eyelashes, Synthetic eyelashes are cheaper than the other two. Similarly, the quality of the mink eyelashes is the best. High quality eyelashes can get more customers. As for quality, you should not only focus on the surface, but also on comfort and durability. So before you wholesale eyelashes, you’d better order samples first.

Second, you should pay attention to the eyelashes styles and length. There are many kind of eyelashes you can choose, dense or sparse. Usually, wholesalers will recommend their popular styles to you. You can choose some from the styles they recommend, But at the same time, have your own ideas. there are also have different lengths. If you like short styles, you can wholesale some 14-18mm styles eyelashes. If you like long styles, the 22-27mm styles eyelashes will satisfy you.

The above is some tips that you should pay attention to when wholesale eyelashes. Before you wholesale eyelashes, you need to be prepared, you need to make a wholesale list based on your budget, including the eyelashes styles, length, quantity and some other. New UI Lashes are professional eyelashes supplier. We have many styles of eyelashes, our eyelashes are all real mink and handmade, so our eyelashes are top quality. If you want to wholesale eyelashes, New UI Lashes is your best choice.

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Choose Custom Eyelashes Packaging For Your Eyelashes Business

When you make a mink eyelashes order, it is important not only to choose the style of the eyelashes, but also to choose the custom packaging styles.

New UI Lashes is a professional mink eyelashes supplier, we have top quality and hot styles mink eyelashes, 100% handmade. We have a variety of styles and different length to choose from. At the same time, we are also professional in the production of custom eyelashes packaging.

If you want to order mink eyelashes and custom eyelashes packaging, New UI Lashes is your best choice.

custom eyelashes packaging
wholesale mink eyelashes and custom eyelashes packaging

The importance of choose custom eyelashes packaging

When you make a eyelashes order, if you just order the eyelashes without custom eyelashes packaging. Usually it’s will be the eyelashes stick on the tary. Or add another lid. Sometimes this will look very simple and can see the eyelashes more directly. But most of the time, it will look thin. If you order eyelashes with custom packaging, it will let your eyelashes look more beautiful and attract more customers’ attention.

marble custom lash packaging
custom eyelashes packaging and mink eyelashes
diamond custom eyelashes packaging
real mink eyelashes with custom eyelashes packaging

How to choose packaging?

New UI Lashes is a professional mink eyelashes and custom eyelashes packaging vendor. So we have a variety of custom eyelashes packing boxes and eyelash styles for you to choose from. But how to choose the custom eyelashes packaging?

First, the appearance of the packaging. What shape of the packaging do you want? the rectangle, round, diamond. What color packaging do you want? the pink,white,dark,purple and so on.

different color and shape custom eyelashes packaging

Second, trends in your area. For example, the rose gold and light pink are very popular now. But after a while, it may not. For now, the light pin, rose gold, black, purple and so on.

popular custom eyelashes boxes
popular custom eyelashes packaging
popular custom boxes
popular custom eyelashes packaging

If you need the high quality eyelashes and your custom eyelashes packaging, if you want to create your own custom eyelash boxes, if you are looking for a reliable eyelashes vendor, please feel free to contact us. New UI Lashes is your best choice.

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When You Order Mink Eyelashes And Packaging, How To Choose Shipping Carriers?

When we select the mink eyelashes and packaging from the eyelashes supplier. We will face a choice. What kind of shipping should we choose. Maybe some company only have one or one price for shipping, but most companies have a variety of shipping for you to choose from. Choose shipping may be a problem for you.

mink eyelashes and packagings

When you order mink eyelashes and packagings, what kind of shipping options are available?

After you order mink eyelashes and packaging, the supplier will arrange delivery for you. There are many different ways to ship the package to you. it can get confusing deciding what is the best option for your order.

Today, I will analyze the 3 most commonly used and largest shipping carriers for you. I will let you know when and why you should choose them.

United States Postal Service (USPS)


USPS is currently one of the cheapest transportation options. If your package doesn’t weigh more than 2 kg and your shipping budget is tight. USPS is a good option. But if you are on a budget or your package weighs over 2 pounds, It is not wise to choose USPS.

Why do I say that? First, USPS transport time is much longer than DHL or Fed Ex. Usually, it takes about 5-8 days to get to the United States, about 6-9 days to get to Europe. You’ll have a long wait. Second, you may take a loss. Because USPS does not guarantee the loss of packages, this means that USPS does not assume any responsibility if the package is lost.

Fed Ex

Fed Ex

The Fed Ex is famous for its overnight shipping. Expect overnight shipping, Its usually transport time is also much faster than USPS. It takes about 2-3 days to get to the United States, about 3-5 days to get to Europe. At the same time, Fed Ex has accurate tracking. At any time, you can via the tracking number to find out where your package is.



DHL is also a fast, safe and available shipping option. Accurate tracking as fedex, you can clearly know the location of the packages. If you are in the US, you will receive the package in about 3 days. And about 3-4 days to Europe

When you order mink eyelashes and packaging, How to choose the right shipping?

like I said, if you are worried about the budget and your package weigh is less than 2 kg. You can reduce your shipping costs by using USPS. If you’re in a hurry for package and the destination is the United States, the Fed Ex overnight shipping is your best choice.

For package weigh, if you package weigh is more than 10kg and delivery to the US, DHL is much cheaper than the Fed Ex. But for Europe, if you package weigh is more than 5kg, DHL is more expensive. The Fed Ex is more suitable for you.

In a word, when order mink eyelashes and packaging, choosing shipping depends not only on shipping cost, but also on transport time, packages weight and area.

mink eyelashes and packagings
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How To Order Mink Eyelashes Samples,How To Treat Free Samples?

Whether you’re just starting your mink eyelashes business or you want to change your supplier.We all face some problems.Is this supplier reliable?What about the quality of eyelashes?Usually,we will choose to order samples first.In this post,I will analyze some common problems when you make the samples order

Could you send me some mink eyelashes first?

Many eyelash suppliers will tell you that they will provide you with free samples.But there is a problem.Why they will provide the free mink lashes samples?Because their eyelashes cost very little or aren’t really mink eyelashes.So they will provide the free sample for you.When you next order,they will profit from these cheap eyelashes.Can you trust these suppliers?

mink lashes

How to order a samples order?

Before order the bulk order,most customers usually choose to order samples to test the eyelashes quality first. This is a correct way and can effectively avoid risks,but how to make the sampels order?

First,what kind of eyelashes do you want?For example,real mink eyelashes,false mink eyelashes or silk mink eyelashes?The natural looking eyelashes or long styles eyelashes?You need to know what material and length you want for the eyelashes.

Second, more details pics and videos.After you choose the style you want to order.You’d better contact the supplier.Ask if there are more details pic about the styles you choose,and this will give you a more intuitive understanding of the eyelashes you choose.The videos is the best.Do you want more details pics and videos about our eyelashes? Just add this whatsapp to shen more pice and vidos to you . Whatsapp: +8615192692571

Finally, what is your budget?When you chose the style, they will quote you.The total price usually includes sample fee and shipping cost. We usually use fedex or DHL. the shipinng cost usually 28 usd to US. You will receice our eyelashes about 2-3 business days.

If there are any questions about samples order. Please feel free to contact me.Whatsapp: +8615192692571