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How To Order Mink Eyelashes Samples,How To Treat Free Samples?

Whether you’re just starting your mink eyelashes business or you want to change your supplier.We all face some problems.Is this supplier reliable?What about the quality of eyelashes?Usually,we will choose to order samples first.In this post,I will analyze some common problems when you make the samples order

Could you send me some mink eyelashes first?

Many eyelash suppliers will tell you that they will provide you with free samples.But there is a problem.Why they will provide the free mink lashes samples?Because their eyelashes cost very little or aren’t really mink eyelashes.So they will provide the free sample for you.When you next order,they will profit from these cheap eyelashes.Can you trust these suppliers?

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How to order a samples order?

Before order the bulk order,most customers usually choose to order samples to test the eyelashes quality first. This is a correct way and can effectively avoid risks,but how to make the sampels order?

First,what kind of eyelashes do you want?For example,real mink eyelashes,false mink eyelashes or silk mink eyelashes?The natural looking eyelashes or long styles eyelashes?You need to know what material and length you want for the eyelashes.

Second, more details pics and videos.After you choose the style you want to order.You’d better contact the supplier.Ask if there are more details pic about the styles you choose,and this will give you a more intuitive understanding of the eyelashes you choose.The videos is the best.Do you want more details pics and videos about our eyelashes? Just add this whatsapp to shen more pice and vidos to you . Whatsapp: +8615192692571

Finally, what is your budget?When you chose the style, they will quote you.The total price usually includes sample fee and shipping cost. We usually use fedex or DHL. the shipinng cost usually 28 usd to US. You will receice our eyelashes about 2-3 business days.

If there are any questions about samples order. Please feel free to contact me.Whatsapp: +8615192692571

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