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What should you pay attention to when you wholesale eyelashes?

In today’s society, makeup is becoming more and more important for girls. Because there’s no girl who doesn’t love beauty. Make up can make a girl look more exquisite and charming. So many girls will spend a lot of time making up every day. Eye makeup is also part of makeup. For many girls who like makeup, false eyelashes are no stranger. False eyelashes can make your eyes look beautiful and attractive. After you use false eyelashes, you will look more spiritual, your eyelashes will look longer. Now, false eyelashes are very popular, more and more girls use false eyelashes. Today, let us talk about how to wholesale eyelashes and what should you pay attention to.

wholesale mink lashes
wholesale mink lashes

What kind of lashes can I choose when wholesale eyelashes?

False eyelashes can make our eyes look more beautiful and make the eyelashes look thicker and slender. Now, more and more people buy false eyelashes. So more and more people choose to do eyelash business. When you wholesale eyelashes, the first thing you should pay attention to is the material of the eyelashes.

False eyelashes come in many materials. Synthetic lashes are relatively cheap and low cost, can be used multiple times. But at the same time, synthetic lashes are harder and look less natural. Synthetic lashes can affect your own lashes. If you are more concerned about the health of your own eyelashes, it is not recommended to order these eyelashes. Silk lashes are better than synthetic lashes and look more natural. Silk eyelashes are very light and suitable for people to use. But its price is more expensive. Mink lashes are the hottest false eyelashes now. It is closest to real hair, very soft and natural. The effect is very good after wearing mink lashes. So even though its cost is very high, it is still the most popular style.

wholesale real mink lashes
wholesale 100% mink lashes

Tips for wholesale eyelashes.

Relative to regular purchase, the advantage of wholesale eyelashes is that you can make more profit. Because when you wholesale eyelashes , you can get not only lower eyelashes prices, but also get a more cost-effective shipping fee.

wholesale top quality eyelashes
wholesale top quality eyelashes

When you wholesale eyelashes, the first you should pay attention to are the price and quality. Different price have different quality. Usually, expensive eyelashes have a better quality. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, mink eyelashes are more expensive than silk eyelashes, Synthetic eyelashes are cheaper than the other two. Similarly, the quality of the mink eyelashes is the best. High quality eyelashes can get more customers. As for quality, you should not only focus on the surface, but also on comfort and durability. So before you wholesale eyelashes, you’d better order samples first.

Second, you should pay attention to the eyelashes styles and length. There are many kind of eyelashes you can choose, dense or sparse. Usually, wholesalers will recommend their popular styles to you. You can choose some from the styles they recommend, But at the same time, have your own ideas. there are also have different lengths. If you like short styles, you can wholesale some 14-18mm styles eyelashes. If you like long styles, the 22-27mm styles eyelashes will satisfy you.

The above is some tips that you should pay attention to when wholesale eyelashes. Before you wholesale eyelashes, you need to be prepared, you need to make a wholesale list based on your budget, including the eyelashes styles, length, quantity and some other. New UI Lashes are professional eyelashes supplier. We have many styles of eyelashes, our eyelashes are all real mink and handmade, so our eyelashes are top quality. If you want to wholesale eyelashes, New UI Lashes is your best choice.

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