How to Choose the Best MANNEQUIN HEAD WITH REPLACEABLE EYES for Your Lash Business

Lash Mannequin Head

Are you looking for a high-quality mannequin head with replaceable eyes for your lash business? With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best MANNEQUIN HEAD WITH REPLACEABLE EYES for your needs.

  1. Quality of Material The material of the mannequin head is an essential factor to consider. The best MANNEQUIN HEAD WITH REPLACEABLE EYES is made of premium silicone or rubber. It should be sturdy, durable, and resistant to damage from heat and chemicals.
  2. Replaceable Eyes Having replaceable eyes is crucial for lash artists. You want a mannequin head that allows you to practice different eye shapes, sizes, and positions. Look for a product that offers interchangeable eye sets, allowing you to switch up your training sessions.
  3. Realistic Features A good MANNEQUIN HEAD WITH REPLACEABLE EYES should have realistic features, such as a lifelike eyelid and eye shape, to simulate real lash applications. It’s also helpful to have features like a nose and lips to help you practice more realistic full-face looks.
  4. Size and Weight The size and weight of the mannequin head are also important factors to consider. A head that is too small or too large may not be the best for your practice. Additionally, a head that is too light or too heavy can impact your practice technique.


At NewUi Company, we offer a range of high-quality MANNEQUIN HEADS WITH REPLACEABLE EYES to meet the needs of lash artists. Our products are made of premium silicone and come with interchangeable eye sets, realistic features, and appropriate size and weight. We stand behind our products and offer excellent customer service, including fast shipping and hassle-free returns.

When you choose a MANNEQUIN HEAD WITH REPLACEABLE EYES from NewUi Company, you can feel confident in your purchase and focus on perfecting your lash techniques. Shop now and take your lash business to the next level!

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